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Patty and Jay Baker

If you want to befriend Jay and Patty Baker, BEST known as the names behind such lovely local items as The Baker Museum at Artis—Naples, NHC Downtown Baker Hospital and the almost-ready-to-picnicin Baker Park (along the Gordon River), it’s as easy as buying tickets to every gala in town. The stylish and fun-loving couple, who dabble in everything from priceless Yankee memorabilia to Broadway productions, support dozens of local charities and make a point to have a great time doing it. (They’ve donated a reported $150 million dollars over the past two decades.) If we didn’t already know Jay’s business acumen (he was president of Kohl’s department stores and grew it into the behemoth it is today), we might think the couple’s main talent might be having a great time and helping those in need. And we all need more friends like that.

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