2009-07-02 / Business News

Bullish Tom Moran says start rebuilding retirement savings

Planning for your later years is certainly a risky venture filled with more questions than answers. But today's concerns are more than just how much to save and in what investment vehicles. The question is more about how to rebuild those savings that have been lost during this recession and volatile stock market.

With very few, if any, financial advisors willing to speak up and put themselves on the line during this critical time, Tom Moran, founding member and managing director of the Moran Asset Management Group in Naples, is sharing his expert opinion with not only his clients

but the community at large. "Meet the Portfolio Manager" is a free summer seminar series by the Moran Group in which Mr. Moran discusses the current

market conditions and speculates on where the market is headed. With a 28-year certified track record in the industry, Mr. Moran can address both short-term and long-term concerns, including interest rates and inflation. He also sheds light on what sectors tend to do best coming out of a recession, advises on how to rebuild your net worth, and investigates whether or not this is truly a recovery or simply a short-term bull market in a long-term bear market.

MORAN MORAN Naples resident Art Knight, a fiveyear client of Mr. Moran's, attended the June 24 seminar to get a mid-year update. "Tom's a very good tea leaf reader. A very sharp guy and a good economist," Mr. Knight said, noting that he's comfortable with his portfolio at the moment and is not running out to buy more stocks, even though Mr. Moran has a more bullish stand on the economy.

Also working with Mr. Moran for nearly five years, Jim Lustenader of Bonita Springs said the overall vibe at the June seminar was optimistic but the "elephant in the room was unemployment. Businesses are very active based on their balance sheets. The real test is going to be next season's earnings numbers that companies report."

The advice Mr. Moran imparted to the group was that all signs indicate the recession is ending. "I believe we are through the worst of it," he said. "Now is the time to focus on rebuilding retirement savings."

The next "Meet the Portfolio Manager" will be held on Wednesday, July 22, at Moran Asset Management Group's office at 5801 Pelican Bay Blvd. To register, call 254-2200.

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