2012-01-05 / The Motley Fool

Name That Companyy

Two entrepreneurs from Germany founded me in Brooklyn in 1849.49. My first product was an antiparasiticsitic to treat the then-common problemm of intestinal worms. During the Civil War, I supplied painkillers, disinfectants and more. By the 1880s, citric acid, useded in newfangled soft drinks, becomeme my main product. I later offered vitamins ath and penicillin. I merged with Warner-Lambert in 2000 and boughtht Wyeth in 2009. Today, focusing on

humanh and animal health, I rake in nearly $70 billion anannually. You might use some of my offerings, such as Aricept, cep Celebrex, Chantix, Lipitor, Lyrica,Lyrica Norvasc, Spiriva, Viagra and Zoloft.Zolo Who am I? ¦

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