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Greater Naples Leadership announces Masters Class XXII

Greater Naples Leadership announces the nonprofit organization’s Masters Class XXII. From October-March, members will participate in nine sessions that focus on local history, culture, health care, education, the environment, economic development, human services, government, Immokalee and law enforcement. They also will learn about various volunteer opportunities with nonprofit organizations throughout the Collier County community.

These sessions include presentations, panel discussions, on-site visits and field trips that are planned by members of the previous Masters Class and overseen by this year’s class leaders.

GNL is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing proven leaders with a unique opportunity to learn firsthand about Collier County’s challenges and to encourage the use of their skills individually and collectively in addressing these needs and bettering the community. Now in its third decade, Greater Naples Leadership continues to provide exceptional opportunities for its members to improve the community and enrich their lives through first-hand learning experiences, rewarding relationships with accomplished, like-minded individuals and unparalleled access to meaningful board and volunteer roles.

A full 75 percent of active GNL Alumni

Association members report contributing a minimum of 24 hours a month to their volunteer commitments after graduating from the GNL Masters Program. Members of the Master Class XXII are:

Jorge Aguilera, Caren Arnstein, Phyllis Barolsky, Jayne Bennett, Lloyd Bettis, Lee Bewley, Paul Boymel, Clare Carragan, Bernadine Caruso, Carleton Cleveland

Tim Diegel, Joan Engstrom, Jeremy Farmer, Beverly Feagin, Dave Fu, Jan Face Glassman, Beth Grossman, Don Hamilton, Mike Hanson, Jane Hilk, Hal Hills

Barbara Hurt-Simmons, Alan Jaffe, Lauren Johnston, Tara Meenan Lansen, Don Lawson, Bob Levy, Gerry Loftus, John Mancuso, Lynn Martin, Donna McGinnis

Jack Miller, Pat Mullin, Vince Obsitnik, Charlie Offutt, Kris Pfaehler, Dave Pizur, Katrina Reusche, George Sharp, Walt Stueple, Jan Temkiewicz

Barbara Tyrrell, Julie Wade, Emily Walker and Gunther Winkler.

“These outstanding men and women are committed to enhancing the lives of others through community volunteer service by furthering the mission statement of Greater Naples Leadership,” GNL President Jacquelyn Pierce says. For more information about the GNL program, call 300-7055 or visit www.gnlwebsite.org. ¦

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