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A call for the ‘Silent Generation’ to make itself heard


Concerned Americans, speak out!

In a recent study of generation groups, today’s 70- to 80-year-olds were classified as “The Silent Generation” There is much truth in this. We learned from the Greatest Generation who fought for this country and came home to humbly go on with their lives and families. We, too, have served, worked hard, paid our college loans, raised our families and tried to instill strong values in our children and grandchildren including a respect for others and a love of country.

We did this without fanfare; in retrospect, we should have been more vocal as actions by our leaders threatened to destroy all we hold dear. We were quiet when President Carter shamed our country. We were quiet when President Bill Clinton stood by and let our people be killed in the attack of the USS Cole, Somalia and the first bombing of the World Trade Center — all without retribution. We were quiet when President Clinton defiled the office of the president, and we did not demand his resignation.

Our silence reached new lows these past eight years as President Obama and his sycophants did everything they could to weaken, divide and destroy virtually every aspect of our lives. Our military strength has been depleted, his attorneys general sided against those who enforce our laws, etc., etc. When he was reelected we regretfully stood silent, and this was taken as acquiescence to enable him to continue. As a result we had Benghazi and the Syrian refugee crisis caused by his “lines-in-the-sand inaction.” Worse yet, his treaty with Iran — a country that has vowed to destroy us and that now tests ballistic missiles on a daily basis. His weakness encouraged the Koreans to ignore any sanctions and to build their arsenal to the point that it threatens not only their Asian neighbors but our west coast as well. Our silence emboldened Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren and others to think they could and should continue his “legacy,” and they refused to recognize that they lost the election for that very reason.

We even stood silent during the 2016 election. While many of us supported Trump, we showed it only in the emails we sent to each other and the Hillary jokes we shared. Perhaps our silence was why the results were such a shock to the liberals, to the media and to the world. We were silent, but we VOTED.

Now I call on you to join with me and be silent no more.

We need to protest the disgusting actions being taken, the shameful protests, the vulgar signs, the media and the Hollywood elite thinking sarcastic humor and late-night skits against the president and his family are somehow acceptable and meaningful. We have to let it be known that while we support free speech, we will not tolerate total disrespect and language that is slander by any measure.

Now we even have daily comments from Hillary and Obama. The irony and the gall that they criticize the cabinet nominees as unqualified. Compare Rex Tillerson to John Kerry or Hillary. We now have a four-star general running Homeland Security versus Obama’s pick, an attorney with no experience, and on and on. Hillary refuses to accept she lost because the voters didn’t trust her and all that the Clintons did to enrich themselves with absolutely no regard for the country.

We, along with the 60 million people who voted for Trump, now need to stand up and speak up. We need to make our voices heard and, more importantly, we need to make our actions be felt.

If an actor or entertainer or award show offends you, then boycott their movies or shows and let sponsors know you did.

If Amazon or anyone else wants to fund sanctuary cities, cancel your accounts and tell them why.

If Starbucks wants to hire 10,000 Muslims instead of U.S. military veterans, don’t go there and tell them why.

If it bothered you that Nordstrom dropped Ivanka Trump’s clothing line and said it was a coincidence, cancel your card.

It is not enough to turn off a program; we need to tell the sponsors why we did it. Stephen Colbert and Bill Maher went way across any line of civility and need to feel the repercussions, and that involves you telling their sponsors how you feel.

When making your travel plans, avoid going to sanctuary cities and write their mayors to inform them of your actions.

Basically I am asking you to take overt actions to take back our country and to inform those impacted why you are doing it.

Another critical point, we must continually reinforce our message to members of congress and our state and local leaders, lest they waiver in their support and commitment. We have such a unique opportunity with the Executive, Legislative and hopefully Judicial branches all conservative and the majority of governors Republican. We could easily lose the midterm elections if we don’t continue to demand they support the changes we voted for.

We need to call out the Democrats for their lies and hubris. It was interesting to see all the 2006 news clips of then-Sen. Obama, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi calling for a security fence. Equally so watching Pelosi saying they should pass a health-care bill and then read what is in it.

Today, the outrage at the firing of FBI Director James Comey … yet when he was critical of Hillary, all you heard from Schumer and company was that he should be fired!

We cannot give President Trump a free pass either. We must reach out to the party and others to be sure he is delivering on his promises and doing so in a way that benefits the country. He can only do that with our oversight and our support.

This next step requires ACTION. We cannot remain passive. This is the last chance for us to leave the country better for our grandchildren. If we fail in this opportunity and the next election is lost, the probability of another Republican president will be minuscule. Even worse will be the retribution by those who have demonstrated their inability to accept democracy and the democratic process. ¦

— Richard Pignataro is a resident of Naples.

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