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To be safe, be prepared throughout hurricane season

Hurricane season started June 1 and runs through November. Preparation is key to protecting your family, home and pets should a storm threaten Southwest Florida. Here are some important things to know, offered by the North Collier Fire & Rescue District:

¦ Hurricane watch versus warning – A hurricane watch is issued when a storm has the ability to hit within 48 hours. That changes to a hurricane warning when storm conditions are anticipated within 36 hours.

When a warning is issued, always pay close attention to and follow weather updates and emergency instructions. Evacuate when told to go. Do not linger, as it will put you and first responders in danger should you need to be rescued.

¦ When power goes out – When a storm makes landfall, power if often lost and can stay out indefinitely. Make sure you have a battery-powered radio and a battery smartphone charger. Remember that texting or social media might be the only way to communicate during and after a storm.

¦ Supplies to gather – Your evacuation and storm recovery supplies should include:

Any medications you need
1 gallon of water per person, per day
for three days
Non-perishable food, pet food and
can opener
Radio flashlight and batteries
Battery-powered cell phone charger
First aid kit
Wrench to cut off utilities
A portable generator for your home

¦ Other important things – Take these steps well in advance of any approaching storm:

Take pictures of your home

Trim or remove damaged trees

Fill you car with gas

¦ After the storm – When the storm clears, return home when given the green light by emergency services. Watch out for debris. Never touch a downed power line. Don’t walk through floodwaters.

¦ Consider a class – North Collier Fire & Rescue’s Community Emergency Response Team offers a free disaster preparedness class that meets for three hours once a week for eight weeks. The next CERT class begins Aug. 12. For more information, visit www.northcollierfire.com, click on “Community” and then on “CERT.”

Also, follow North Collier Fire on Facebook. The district will provide real time information and updates during a disaster. ¦

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