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What’s Kevin Bacon up to?


DEPOSITPHOTOS KEVIN BACON DEPOSITPHOTOS Q: Can you tell me what my favorite actor, Kevin Bacon, has been up to lately?

— Brian F., via email

A: The prolific and talented actor is currently working with Jason Blum on a pilot of his 1990 cult-hit comedy/horror movie “Tremors.” They are developing an eight-episode series based on the movie for the SyFy network. Kevin will star in and produce the series, returning as lead character Valentine McKee, a handyman in a small Nevada town who battles for his life, and the lives of the townsfolk, against giant man-eating sandworms. There is no word on whether any of the other stars of the movie will return, but then again, did anyone except Kevin’s character survive? It’s been so long, I can’t remember. Looks like I have my Friday movie night planned out!

Q: Is it true that there is going to be another installment of my favorite scary movie, “The Conjuring”?

— Larry K., Galveston, Texas

A: New Line recently announced that “The Conjuring 3” is indeed in the works. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are expected to return as Ed and Lorraine Warren, the husband-and-wife team of paranormal researchers. The plot of this installment will come from the case files of the Warrens, and you can bet it will be just as scary as the first two films. Since it’s in the very early stages of development, details such as plot, premiere date, co-stars, etc., are not yet available.

Q: I’ve watched quite a few original Netflix feature films, and I always find them enjoyable and compelling. Can you tell me any new ones I should look out for?

— Xavier R., via email

A: I just got word that Netflix won the rights to an as-yet-untitled drama set in the art world and starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo (one of my favorite actresses). The movie was written by Dan Gilroy, who also will direct. You may remember that Dan directed Jake and Renee in the film “Nightcrawler,” so it’ll be interesting to get the team back together and see what they create. If you want to get your Jake fill before then, his Netflix-original movie “Okja,” which recently competed at the Cannes Film Festival, is now available for streaming. It also stars Tilda Swinton and Paul Dano. ¦

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