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NCH earns ‘Most Wired’ for sixth year

NCH was named a Most Wired hospital system in the 19th annual Health Care’s Most Wired survey recently released by the American Hospital Association’s Health Forum. This is the sixth consecutive year we have been so honored.

Technology is making it easier for patient and providers to interact, thus improving communication, safety and patient-provider relationships. New tools are helping patients become more involved in their care and in maintaining their health.

“The Most Wired hospitals are using every available technology option to create more ways to reach their patients in order to provide access to care,” AHA President/ CEO Rick Pollack said. “They are transforming care delivery, investing in new delivery models in order to improve quality, provide access and control costs.” Innovation in patient care embraces emerging technologies and underscores the need for secure patient information exchange.

Most Wired hospitals are investing in analytics to support new delivery models and effective decision-making, while training clinicians on how to use analytics to improve quality, provide access and control costs. Of the following 10 actions that 32 percent to 97 percent of all Most Wire Hospitals do, NCH does them all:

¦ Analyze retrospective clinical and administrative data to identify areas for improving quality and reducing the cost of care (82 percent of Most Wired hospitals do this).

¦ Use sophisticated analytics such as predictive modeling and data to improve decision-making (75 percent).

¦ Interface electronic health record data with population health tools for care management (almost 70 percent).

¦ Provide data analytic tools training to physicians and nurses (70-plus percent).

¦ Initiate a patient pathway using health IT to follow a care plan (45 percent).

¦ Have tools for real-time patient identification and tracking for value-based care conditions (32 percent).

¦ Offer secure messaging with clinicians on mobile devices (76 percent).

¦ Use intrusion detection systems (97 percent).

¦ Perform data access audits (96 percent).

¦ Run targeted phishing exercises to teach employees to question suspicious emails (nearly 90 percent).

Six years ago, Audrey Moreau Petersen’s significant gifts served as a funding catalyst for our Smart Room technology, which provides patients with easy access to information about their care and educational programs tailored to their needs. Additionally, charting became automated, creating major staff efficiencies (medical monitoring data is downloaded wirelessly and IV pumps are controlled via computer input). Our patients’ experience is safer and better now due to Mrs. Petersen’s thoughtful and generous gifts. She and her late husband were founders of Jabil Circuit.

We are pleased to belong to this elite, innovative group of Most Wired healthcare systems — only 5 percent of all hospitals or health systems — for the sixth consecutive year. It became clear to us many years ago that harnessing the potential of information technology to optimize quality care, enhance secure communications and increase operational efficiencies helps everyone live a longer, happier and healthier life. ¦

— Dr. Allen Weiss is president and CEO of the NCH Healthcare System.

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