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Dr. Moses K. Shieh, D.O., FACOS

Founder and CEO of Surgical Healing Arts Center

Dr. Moses K. Shieh, D.O., FACOS Dr. Moses K. Shieh, D.O., FACOS Utilizing all modalities of weight-loss treatments


NAME: Dr. Moses K. Shieh, D.O., FACOS

TITLE AND COMPANY: Founder and CEO of Surgical Healing Arts Center



NATURE OF BUSINESS: Surgical practice specializing in bariatric (weight loss) surgery and minimally invasive abdominal/gastric surgery

EDUCATION: B.S.: University of Colorado. Doctorate (D.O.): Des Moines University. General Surgery Residency: Michigan State University – Mt. Clemens General Hospital. Bariatric Surgery Fellowship, NESG, Detroit, Mich. Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship: AACS, Little Rock Ark.

HOMETOWN: Denver, Colo.

What improvements, innovations or changes do you foresee in your industry?

It is very exciting that there will be more minimally invasive procedures for weight loss. For instance, the new swallowable Obalon gastric balloon recently came upon the market. This fascinating procedure requires no surgery or anesthesia and has helped many to lose weight who have failed many other previous methods.

How are you responding to changes in the local economy?

More local employers are providing bariatric (weight loss) surgery benefits in their health insurance benefits to help their employees stay fit. Furthermore, the cost of weight-loss surgery has become more affordable at $12,000 to $15,000.

Name the top three elements or practices that have been absolutely critical in the success of your business?

1. Thanking our heavenly Father for our success!

2. Quality patient care – treating your patients like family, as weightloss surgery is a lifelong endeavor and journey!

3. Quality employees to provide No. 2.

What are things you’d like to change about your industry now? Your organization or business?

It is unfortunate that not all health insurances cover bariatric (weight loss) surgery and its tremendous lifesaving and life-enhancing benefits. Numerous studies have shown the immediate benefits that are seen in treating diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. Our goal is to help our patients obtain the surgery despite not having insurance coverage for bariatric surgery.

Within the context of your current marketing/promotional strategy, how do you differentiate your company from your competitors?

Our program! It’s not just about performing the surgery, but THE SHAC (Surgical Healing Arts Center) PROGRAM. The pre-operative care and the life-long post-operative followups are required to ensure future success in battling this chronic disease called obesity. Furthermore, our practice also performs post massive weightloss body contouring surgery to help remove the excess skin. Our data has shown that compared to the national average, the SHAC Program has helped patients lose more weight and keep the weight off five years and greater.

What’s your superpower?

Our adage is that, “One size does not fit all…” We use all modalities of weight-loss treatments to ensure the patient’s life-long success. From behavioral counseling to surgery, we can help each individual patient and dive deeper to understand their circumstances.

Facebook? Twitter? Etc.…

Facebook is a venue used by many, including ourselves, to develop our practice and allow the patients to participate in its growth. We utilize Facebook for not only building our practice but also offer a private group that allows our bariatric patients to communicate with each other, allowing them to discuss their successes and struggles, setup exercise groups and do activities such as posting photos for “Transformation Tuesday” in an environment that is supportive of their journey.

How are you using technology to improve your business?

Our practice and company culture continually analyzes four things: (1) data and analytics (this yields information about our patient’s medical condition and personal needs) (2) clinical protocols (protocols and rules that use best practices to create a plan of care and minimize variability) (3) user experience, assessments and workflow management (we want to be efficient and effective (4) information integration (we are constantly assessing outliers to determine treatment and ongoing quality of care).

“Part of making good decisions in business is recognizing the poor decisions you’ve made and why they were poor.” — Warren Buffett

How are you growing and developing your employee skills?

This has been one of our key areas of business development. We are designing an integrated training program where the staff isn’t trained in isolation from the clinicians. This cross training has helped elevate both the staff and clinicians through a better understanding at all levels of our practice. We expect our doctors to know how to answer the phones and also expect our staff to have an ear for any patient warning signs.

How are you recruiting new talent into your organization?

Over the last couple years we’ve had many of the top tier programs reach out to us for internship programs and surgical employment. These clinical training centers have recognized Surgical Healing Arts Center as an all-encompassing bariatric and general surgery center. We can take our patients from step A to Z and have found this to be an asset in determining treatments and on-going health needs. Plus, our patients become our family after spending so much time with us.

Can you tell us about a new hire that will make a positive impact this coming year?

We have recently hired two staff members who have had bariatric surgery. We think that having had this surgery, our patients and staff can share their experiences and help each other going forward.

What wise words would you tell young people entering the work force today?

Always remember that there are a lot of smart, caring, committed, professional health care workers who do not have D.O. or M.D. degrees behind their names. ¦

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