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Tony Leopardi

Owner, Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida

Tony Leopardi Tony Leopardi Quality work results in satisfied customers


NAME: Tony Leopardi

TITLE AND COMPANY: Owner, Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida



NATURE OF BUSINESS: Home remodeling

Hometown: Long Island, N.Y.

What is the most significant change you’ve seen in your industry over the last year?

Seasonal fluctuations continue to level off in Lee and Collier counties. Due to the consistent rise in the housing market in SWFL, the demand for remodeling is growing exponentially which has lead us to open our fourth showroom in Marco Island this year.

What do you truly love about working in SWFL ?

When I started the business in 1988, I never dreamed that it would be the company it is today in size and scope. Currently we have over 250 employees and growing. I am proud to continue to bring jobs into SWFL and to contribute to our local economy.

Name the top three elements or practices that have been absolutely critical in the success of your business?

Service, quality and timeliness.

Within the context of your current marketing, promotional strategy, how do you differentiate your company from your competitors?

I have always been the face, voice and reputation of Cornerstone Builders. I put myself and my family in front of the public. We are not just a name and a fancy logo. Although I never thought of it as a strategy, we also rarely, if ever, use subcontractors. People can trust our workers coming into their home. We never require a deposit and warranty everything we manufacture as long as the customer owns the home. Our customers know that I am ultimately responsible for the final product.

What will you base your success on for 2018?

We will continue to put our trust and faith in God. He is in charge and all of our decisions are based on what Jesus would do. Sometimes we make mistakes, but when we do, we stay with the job and make it right. The job is completed when it is done to the client’s satisfaction. At our weekly Thursday morning prayer meeting, we pray for all the needs of the company. We will celebrate our 30th anniversary in Southwest Florida in 2018, a milestone that brings with it enormous pride and one we are very grateful for.

What wise words would you tell young people entering the work force today?

There are no shortcuts. Work hard, be honorable and learn your skill. Success at Cornerstone is when we do quality work in a professional manner, at a fair price and end the day with a fully satisfied customer.

How are you responding to changes in the local economy?

Clients are investing in their homes again. After significant research we now have the ability to offer our customers project financing. Clients can finance all or part of their project with options to have zero financing for 12 months or a low fixed rate for 8 or 10 years.

How do you find inspiration in today’s business climate?

Happy, satisfied customers. A customer who refers us to a neighbor or writes a nice review truly makes my day. ¦

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