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To provide in-depth coverage of news and events affecting Floridians in the communities we serve. To highlight political, business, social and intellectual life aimed at thinking adults. To provide a community forum for the exchange of information and ideas. To serve as a superior choice for advertisers and consumers seeking to grow market share, revenues and bottom line profitability. To be the No. 1 news and entertainment weekly resource for fun-loving people. To capture and reflect the news of active, vibrant lifestyle and people in our community. To insist on unmatched and personal relationship-based service for our clients. To operate a fiscally responsible organization to ensure our commitment to readers, advertisers, employees.

9051 Tamiami Trial N., Suite 202
Naples, FL 34108



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Additional Information Florida Weekly is one of the largest circulating newsweeklies in Florida, with more than 75,000 papers in Lee, Collier, Charlotte, and Palm Beach counties reaching more than 150,000 readers in print and online each week. We provide intelligent, serious journalism via in-depth features, studies and reporting that provides an alternative, independent voice. Coverage includes news, entertainment, health, the arts, business, automotive and real estate.
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