Least competent criminals

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Men whose sex lives are worse than yours

    In Anderson Township, Ohio, a frustrated lover, angry that his girlfriend kept falling asleep one night during sex, retaliated, according to police, by attempting to set fire to her van. Full Story

You call that art?

    . Chilean-Danish artist Marco Evaristti is working with condemned Texas inmate Gene Hathorn (convicted killer of three in 1985) on an anti-capitalpunishment exhibit to be staged after Hathorn's execution. Full Story

Government in action

    . The municipal transit company in Austin, Texas, unveiled a rider-education campaign with step-by-step instructions in how to stand up on buses without falling over. Full Story

Least competent criminals

    Angel Cruz, 49, was indicted in August in Florida for various dubious financial schemes, including attempting to convince employees and contractors to accept his "United Cities Group" "currency" as of parallel value with U.S. currency. Full Story

Can't possibly be true

    . Jose Rivera, 22, survived two tours in Iraq, but back home in California, he took a job at the high-security Atwater federal prison, where officers cannot carry even non-lethal crowd-control weapons. Full Story


    . The incredibly patient Joseph Shepard Sr., 53, sat quietly in St. Full Story

People with too much time on their hands

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The weirdo-American community

    Police in Knoxville, Tenn., arrested Richard Smith, 25, in September after he called 911 from an air duct in the Knoxville Museum of Art. Full Story

School board candidate busted

    Bernard LeCorn, running for the school board in Ocala, declared himself the bestqualified school steward among the three candidates because of his "doctorate," but the Ocala Star-Banner discovered that not only was it from a well-known diploma mill Full Story