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Carlisle Naples’ Tech Buddys class keeps seniors connected


At The Carlisle Naples, residents who range in age from their late 70s to early 90s are no longer content with hand-me-down technology from their adult children and grandchildren. Instead, they purchase the latest iPhones and iPads and turn to the active retirement community’s bimonthly Tech Buddys class for tips on mastering their gadgets.

Under the guidance of Patricia Vasys, Carlisle residents have learned how to make the best of their devices — everything from downloading apps to video conferencing to stay in touch with loved ones, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to social distancing, the class is now offered virtually via Zoom. Ms. Vasys provides instruction and detailed handouts that residents can use to follow along during lessons.

Patsy Morris, 84, joined the class soon after moving to The Carlisle in January. She finds the class especially meaningful as she uses much of what she’s been taught to connect with family, including her three grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

“I refer to the lesson all the time,” she said. “I’ve been using FaceTime to teach my great-grandchild songs. Having access to technology and actually being able to use it has been wonderful.”

In addition to staying in contact with family, Ms. Morris uses her devices for virtual worship services, live-streams of the Santa Barbara Zoo and Monterey Bay Aquarium and staying mentally sharp.

Her neighbor Kay Springston, 79, also participates in Tech Buddys. Like Ms. Morris, she attended the in-person class before adapting to the new online format.

A former comptroller for a web design company, Ms. Springston considers herself tech-savvy and says she stays up-to-date on the newest developments.

Although she’s long owned an iPhone, she was thrilled to learn how to create online photo albums during a Tech Buddys class.

“I put together an online photo album of my granddaughter’s wedding from 2015,” she said. “She lives in Germany and was so thrilled to receive it.”

The Carlisle is a luxury senior living community in Naples. For information, call 239-249-6877 or visit ¦

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