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Neighborhood Health Clinic joins national efforts to Target BP

The Neighborhood Health Clinic — a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization providing Collier County’s working, uninsured residents quality medical and dental care — was asked to join the American Heart Association and American Medical Association in addressing high blood pressure through the Target BP program.

Target BP provides clinic patients living with high BP a free blood pressure cuff, charts to track their BP in the morning and evening, as well as additional batteries for the cuff. As part of the initiative, the clinic’s volunteer licensed RNs meet with patients individually to teach proper cuff use and how to track their results.

“It’s rewarding to be asked to join this program knowing Target BP provides another layer of education and care for our patients addressing the risks of living with high blood pressure,” explains clinic CEO Leslie Lascheid. “Together, we’re empowering our patients to regain control of a crucial factor in their overall health and wellbeing… to us, this is hope and healing.”

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is linked to significant health risks, including heart attack, stroke, heart failure, kidney disease or failure, vision loss, sexual dysfunction, angina, peripheral artery disease and is a co-factor in metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance syndrome).

As part of the collaboration, the clinic provides the Target BP program with resulting data, including total number of patients diagnosed with hypertension, total patient population and the number of patients who’ve successfully gained control of their high blood pressure through the initiative.

Target BP was formed by the American Heart Association and American Medical Association in response rising incidences of uncontrolled blood pressure across the nation. The program helps healthcare organizations, at no cost to the organization, to improve blood pressure rates through an evidence based, quality improvement program while recognizing organizations committed to improving blood pressure control in communities across the nation.

The program further expands the quality medical and dental care the clinic’s 700 volunteers offer Collier County’s working, uninsured adults. For more information the Neighborhood Health Clinic’s participation in the Target BP program, or for general information on programs and services, call 239-261-6600, or visit ¦

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