The summer line


Summer rolled in this week on Tuesday with its official solstice papers, its passport, if you will: that the planet’s 23.5-degree lean on its axis — one of the few things about our world that never changes — guarantees a sun appearing at its highest elevation of the year, at noon, over the Tropic of Cancer. Simple, isn’t it? Well, […]

The Kamala Harris problem


The media taboo against talking about Joe Biden’s age and the obstacle it presents to his running again in 2024 is finally off. This should put a lantern on another looming problem for the Democrats — waiting in the wings is a deeply unpopular officeholder, who makes Biden look like a prospective electoral juggernaut by comparison. Democrats can be forgiven […]

Mid-year updrafts


We’re halfway through 2022, and it’s been a tough six months by any measure. But things aren’t all bad. If you look closely, there’s actually quite a bit to cheer about. ¦ Artis-Naples, the crown jewel of our art scene, continues to deliver. So far this year the Naples Philharmonic has given us Mahler, Schubert, Prokofiev, Grieg and a smattering […]

Letter to my children


Recently, something put me in mind of what I should leave my three children. You may have considered what to leave your children, too. If not, I encourage you either never to consider the matter, or to consider it now, while you can still read Florida Weekly and demonstrate a respectable level of acumen. I quickly made a list. It […]

Is Donald Trump boring now?


Donald Trump implicitly endorsed a half-baked conspiracy theory for why his candidates lost in the Georgia Republican primaries, and it created barely a ripple in the political world. The man who shocked and outraged his way through four transfixing years as president of the United States has become a known commodity, indeed predictable and even monotonous. It’s a blessing and […]

Cleaning out the technology files


Mid-year is approaching, and my technology files are starting to overflow. In sorting through the files, I found some interesting glimpses into the future. Here are a few: ¦ Drone delivery will soon be commonplace. The size, power and operating flexibility of these gadgets have improved greatly over the last few years. We’ll soon be seeing them in Naples. Walmart […]

Collier County Parks hosting Sugden Regional Park 4th of July fireworks

Since 1985, people in the United States have celebrated Parks and Recreation Month in July to promote building strong, vibrant, and resilient communities through the power of parks and recreation, and to recognize the more than 160,000 full-time park and recreation professionals along with hundreds of thousands of part-time and seasonal workers and volunteers that maintain our country’s local, state […]

New fire station, Fire Control District Headquarters opens in Ave Maria

Ave Maria Development and Immokalee Fire Control District hosted a grand opening of the new Fire Control District Headquarters and Fire Station 32 on June 10. The public had the opportunity to tour the new 22,000 square foot station that serves the Ave Maria community and the southern areas of the Immokalee Fire Control District in the Ave Maria Park […]

Alpha males


If you’re reading this, you have parents. And the likelihood is you’ve known them and perhaps their parents, too. In some cases, you might even know or have once known your great-grandparents. That means you’re intimately familiar with people who represent at least three or four brand-name generations, or even the full spread. At the moment, we live in a […]

The blowhard-in-chief


The president of the United States is a blowhard — again. If the country thought that it was getting a buttoned-up, by-the-books communicator after four wildly undisciplined years of Donald Trump, it knew nothing about Joseph R. Biden’s long career as Washington’s standout long-winded, seat-of-the-pants, poorly informed, and misleading talker. Biden blew up two presidential campaigns with his verbal idiocy, […]

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